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I Choose Happy!

Our new release, "I Choose Happy!" is out now and available on all streaming services! Click on the musical note      to find it on your favorite service.

You can also download a FREE copy of the album for a limited time below!!!


Our First CD! Songs like "Licorice Twist", "Pasta Jiggle" and "Sugar Cane Train" will keep you moving and on your feet. "Rainbow" and "Happy Thoughts" give you that warm and fuzzy feeling. And, "Birdie", the title track, is the perfect lullaby at the end of a long day!

My Family Tree

Our second CD! "Colors" and "Jump For Joy" start the CD with great energy and fun. "Mail" and "Radio Randy" keep you movin' and groovin'! Finally, "My Family Tree" and "Mama" are beautiful songs about our most important relationships.   

Kitchen Pan Band

Our 3rd CD​ is filled with fun dance songs like "Little Miss Lelu", "The Kitchen Pan Band", and "Slip n' Slide". Songs with great messages include "Do the Right Thing", "Fly High", and "Sing!". Have a listen below...we know you will love it!

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