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Happy Thoughts...what people are saying about Birdie!

"We love Birdie! I play it for  the kids I nanny. Every child I have played it for loves it!"

Pia, Mother, Boston, MA

"What I love most about Birdie is that kids are actually involved with the singing and dancing. It's just a blast seeing them have fun."

Adela, Mother of two, Santa Maria, CA

"We like Birdie because it's children's music without being too childish. The kids can sing along, too, which is fun."

Liz, Mother of two, Pismo Beach, CA

"We love Birdie because it's such a postive message, it's very wonderful. I also love the fact that parents can enjoy the music as well as children."

Eileen, Mother of two, Central Coast, CA

“I have a small preschool and Birdie is one of our favorite CD's. The children love to dance to Rainbow and Pasta Jiggle. We love singing along to Think Happy Thoughts and Sugar Cane Train. The songs have incredible messages meaningful to children and grown ups alike. The songs have very catchy tunes and you will find yourself singing them over and over!! I have given this CD as a baby shower gift to many new Moms and they all love it!!! Enjoy!”

Robin, Shell Beach, CA

"Birdie" is music for the whole family. As a mother of four, I want something that I can listen to (over and over)! There are so many wonderful songs on this cd. The title track is a beautiful, melodic lullaby that evokes that quiet time of the night when we fall asleep, listening to all the sounds around us. There are songs to dance to and they all have an infectious hook that finds you singing them long afterwards. Most of all, the messages are positive without being sappy, something you don't always find with music geared toward kids. Enjoy this cd!

Piper, Mother of four, Arroyo Grande, CA

"Nicely produced, upbeat tunes deliver messages of positive reinforcement, love and acceptance."

John Wood,

Recommended as a "Resource for Youth & Family"
Unity Sound Connections Newsletter    
April 2010

​"Fine musicianship is the hallmark of this 11-song set featuring love of family and downright fun."

John Wood,

"Birdie is a fantastic band!"

Kathy Schultz, Coastal Dance & Music Academy

"Super!!! We love it!! Wish my kids were young again they love this fun music!!!!

Vanessa Rozo, Education First

"Only when it comes from your heart and soul can such beautiful things be created! Go Birdie Go!"

Katherine, Santa Maria, CA

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